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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Amazon Price Tracker

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If you are an avid Amazon shopper or just like finding great bargains, then this gadget is a must. As you probably are already aware, prices on Amazon change all of the time. One day, that television you are looking at is $499, but then the next day its down to only $449. But if you wait too long, it'll jump up to $549. It's all about timing on Amazon. And that is why we made this gadget. Just install the gadget and enter in the URL of the product(s) you are interested in tracking. From there, everytime you go to your iGoogle homepage, this gadget will show the current price of the item(s) you are tracking as well as a graphic showing if the price has gone up or down.

As a bonus, you can enter in a 'target' price. If the price ever dips below the target price, then it item will be hi-lighted in bright yellow so you can't miss it!

At this time, this gadget is only available to iGoogle users. 

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